Thursday, July 10, 2014

Army mission

* My dad was drafted into the army right after he returned from his mission. He told me that when someone spoke too softly, the army person would yell out, "Speak up like you've got a pair!" My dad thought that was funny and used to say it around the house when he and my mom were first married.

The army transferred them to California to the same area where my mother's sister and her family lived. They invited my parents over to enjoy a meal. As they were sitting down, someone said something, but spoke too softly. My mom, the daintiest and most non-crude person on the planet (thinking that the army saying meant to "speak up like you've got a pair... of ears") blurted out nice and loud at the table, "Well, speak up like you've got a pair." She said my uncle about fell out of his chair laughing.

* I have been thinking about receiving my mission call x years ago this time of year. I had waited weeks for it to come. I was definitely out of patience. I walked outside on a Monday morning to pick up the mail out of the mailbox. I saw the white, mission envelope addressed to me. Unlike now-a-days when a full production seems to be made when someone opens a mission call, there at the mailbox I opened it. When I read I would be serving in Germany, I started yelling and whooping. I was so excited. I went inside and shared the news with my family. I then got on my bike to go share the news with some friends. Riding to their house, I hollered, whooped, and yelled some more.

It is good that future missionaries have abundant joy and excitement when they receive their mission calls- it is that excitement, energy, and testimony that help carry them through hard and tough times out on their mission. I know it carried me through some really tough times.

I am so grateful I was able to serve a mission. It is, by far, one of the top two things I have done in my life, with my life. That 18-month experience has served me my entire life- each day, it serves me. I am so humbly and eternally grateful.