Saturday, August 9, 2014

Being gay is so much more than that

* "Regular naps prevent old age, especially when taken while driving."

* I have an 8th grade student who can inflate his eyelid by holding his breath, then blowing air into his eye. He creates a wind tunnel between his nose and the corner of his eye duct.

The scary thing about this is: how in the world would you ever discover that you had this talent?!

* A few years back, I served in the Young Women's organization in my ward. One day, while on an outing with the girls and one of the other leaders, I discovered this leader's maiden name. I was shocked to find this out as I knew a relative of hers and thought I knew her to be gay. I wanted confirmation, so I asked this leader about her relative.

She would not confirm one way or the other whether her cousin was gay or not. She did talk about the relationship her cousin shared with her co-worker and friend, and speculated that her cousin was, yes, gay. She then said something that was very telling.

She said, "Whether she is gay or not does not bother me. She can do whatever she wants. But, it is really beyond me why she would ever act on it. Why would anyone give up the Church just to have sex?"

Clearly, this woman did not understand about a person being gay, that being gay is not merely just about "having sex", as she had reduced it to mean. Being gay is so much more than that.

It encompasses and entails many things:
* being able to be with the person whom you love,
* building a life with her/him,
* caring for her/his happiness and well-being and having yours cared for deeply,
* sharing an emotional and bonding connection that is meaningful, joyful, giving, loving and cathartic, and
* having a physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual attraction and loyalty with this person whom is loved.

She did not understand that in the same ways she loves her husband and is nurtured with his love, so is the gay person with her/his choice.