Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hate the sin, love the sinner

If you have a background of being triggered by anything violent, please be warned that there is an example of violence in this blog post. It is not meant to sensationalize violence, rather it is needed for the scope of this post. Please keep yourself safe and read no farther if this post may hurt or trigger you.

I have read many blog posts and opinions of others about how much they detest the saying "hate the sin, love the sinner", especially as it relates to being gay and Mormon.

What if it doesn't relate to being gay and Mormon? That OK?

I have some very strong feelings and thoughts about this.

I spend a lot of my telly viewing time (which is hardly anything these busy days) on ESPN. Lately, it has been peppered with accounts, stories, opinions, you name it, about the Ray Rice incident. For those who may not know, Ray Rice is a professional football player for the Baltimore Ravens. Back in early spring, he and his then-girlfriend/now wife were seen at a casino. A video shows them each hitting at each other, then, inside an elevator, he walloped her, knocked her unconscious, then dragged her out of the elevator by her feet. He then told casino personnel to not contact police. Of course, the video surfaced. Subsequently, Rice has been suspended indefinitely and is likely banished from ever playing in the NFL again.

Many of Rice's football friends, etc. have commented about what Rice did. Many of them have publicly said how much they love Rice as a brother, but how much they hate what he did, that no man ever treats a woman like that. They have gone on to say they will continue loving Ray Rice and his family, and they will continue hating what he did and will never and can never condone any violence towards any woman for any reason.

Hate the sin, love the sinner.

What about a wife and mother who has multiple affairs with other men while she is still married to her husband? Or, the parent who abandons his/her young children or leaves them alone for hours on end? Puts them in danger by having them in the vehicle when they are driving drunk? What about the woman who lets her young daughter ride in a car and spend time alone with a man they neither know well? Or the man who puts his family's income in jeopardy by smoking pot, doing other drugs? And, on and on.

Hate the sin, love the sinner?

I have absolutely no problem with hating the sin, then trying desperately to love the sinner in these aforementioned examples.