Saturday, November 22, 2014

I have miles to go before I sleep

It is no secret that I have pain because of my feet.

I have:

* had more than twenty-five nerve blocks (in my feet, my back, and in the nerves in my legs),
* had eight surgeries, which likely are the culprit to my pain and problems,
* tried more medications than I care to count to help with the pain and finally have found one that works most of the time,
* spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on doctors, care, special shoes, and orthotics to help manage the pain,
* spent months off one or the other foot, using a knee walker to get around, and
* now my doctors and I wait to see if my feet will get better, remain how they are, or get worse to the point of losing them altogether.

I love my toes, feet, and legs. They have allowed me to do so many wonderful and amazing things in my life, let me go to many places in the world to live my life, and have given me the best career I ever could have imagined. It is difficult, at best, to have a career which has me on my feet- my sore and tired feet- all of the time I work. Speaking of time- it will tell what the ultimate and end result will be for my feet.

In the meantime, I will take the medication that helps me manage the pain; wear my special shoes and orthotics to comfort my feet as best I can; continue to see the best physicians on the planet for any and all help they can give me; pray that I will always, as I now do, have health, mobility, and strength to continue living my life; work when I must; and, rest when I can.

I am truly so blessed. Heaven is so good to me.

My favorite poem and from where
the title of this post came