Thursday, November 27, 2014


I am thankful (to/for):

T: to talk, tell, for teens, and to teach,
H: to hear, to have, and to hold, for happiness, habits, and to hurry,
A: to ambulate, ask, answer, for angels, apricots, and airports,
N: to need, for nature, newborns, and noise,
K: for kidlets, to kneel, keep, and to know,
S: to see, soar, for seeds, and to smell,
G: to give, to garden, and to go,
I:  for ice, impulses, Iodine, and ink,
V: for veggies, vacations, vaccines, videos, and vindication,
I: for images, indoors, and if,
N: for night, Ninjas, narcotics, nutrients, and Nativity,
G: for geriatrics, Germany, giddiness, and God.