Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rocky pain + one

* When I was a child, the movie "Rocky" came out. At school one day, the teacher was reading through the Emmy award nominations from the newspaper. One of the songs nominated was "Gonna Fly Now", the theme from "Rocky". The teacher stopped reading aloud, then exclaimed, "What song?? I don't even remember any such song from the movie."

Little did she know how popular of a song it would become. I would be willing to venture a guess that in every major sports arena in the United States, if not the world, "Gonna Fly Now" is one of their mostly-played songs that blares from their PA systems trying to get the athletes and audience hyped up with energy. Nary a day goes by that I, myself, do not listen to "Gonna Fly Now" as I do one thing or another. It is a great song.

* Both my father and I suffer from feet pain. Our pain comes from different sources. His comes from suffering with Neuropathy and mine comes because I suffer from two diseases in my feet, one in the nerves, one in the bones. Both of us, however, suffer excruciating pain because of our maladies.

I, on one hand, have tried many things to help me manage my pain. In no particular order, I have tried: surgery; regular and narcotic pain medications; TENS; nerve blocks (in both my feet and back); physical therapy; Nutritional supplements and diet; special shoes with Orthotics; Epsom salts; soaking and massages- in short, I have left no stone covered in looking for relief from the severe and debilitating, deep, searing, aching, throbbing, and constant pain. Finally, after literally years of searching and trying, I have found a combination of things that works for me. The relief is tangible and I am so very grateful.

My father, on the other hand, has done very little to find relief from his feet pain. Oh, he has seen his family practitioner, who has prescribed a very mild pain medication and one other medication known to help with Neuopathy. My father has also purchased a pair of gym shoes with a type of foot insole/Orthotic to help. He knows if he limits how much sugar he eats that he will have some relief from pain. Basically, this is the extent of things he has tried for his pain. I often give him suggestions of things I have tried to see if they might help him. He is always reluctant and in the end, will never try anything new.

When I ask him why he is unwilling to try and find something that could help him with his pain, my father generally replies, "Oh, you just have to learn to live with it."


No, Dad, you do not. You do not have to learn to live with the pain. You do have to be willing to try new things, see if you can find a solution to this problem. You do not leave it to your doctor to find the answer for you. You do your own research. You find things others have tried and had success with. If you do not immediately find the solution, you keep trying. You do not give up looking for that one or two, or several things that will help you live life without so much pain. In a gospel-related outcome, we are taught to never give up. Why in your physical-realmed life would you not do the same?

I do not understand.

* In my humble opinion, there is spiritual application to everything.