Monday, May 18, 2015

Faith in every nutshell

** I am grateful that Joseph Smith's faith led him into the grove to pray. From that one prayer, we now have the:

     * restoration of the gospel,
     * priesthood power on the earth again,
     * translation of the Book of Mormon, and
     * organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I would be happy for any one of those four amazing gifts on the earth, but we have all four of them. I am so grateful.

** The atonement and resurrection, in my nutshell, heal pain: the pain and burden of sin; and the pain, anguish, illness, disease, sadness, loss of loved ones, and grief. The Savior suffered so much pain that He bled from every pore. He suffered pain so that our pain would be healed. I am so grateful, not for myself- never just for myself- but for my loved ones that they, and I, can be healed from all the pain from which we suffer.

** Tonight's rainstorm was breathtaking. Thunder and lightning like you would not believe, torrents of rain coming with such force and velocity that I almost felt like I was back in Europe experiencing some of those amazing storms that came from living close to the ocean.

Mother Nature let it rip tonight.