Saturday, May 2, 2015


My therapist (not a member of the LDS Church; who is also gay) and I were talking one day about being gay and why people are gay. Among other things, she said,
"The soul, spirituality, predisposes the genetics and all the biology. People today say they are not making a conscious choice to be gay. It is because we chose it before we came here, to this life. We are not trying to emulate the other gender. We came into this life geared towards what we enjoy: sports, music, being physical, being outside, etc. Souls make the choice. There is a greater divine plan of us, for us. The behaviors of human beings- it cannot all be explained."
I am not sure I agree with some of what she said. Did I choose to be gay in the pre-existent? Or, did Heavenly Father, when I was created, make me gay?

I can agree with her that we all come into this life with certain talents "already" in us, talents that need, of course, our hard work and practice to develop, but they were "in" us from the start, such as being predisposed towards being good at sports, good at music, etc.

And, I can certainly agree with her that there is a greater divine plan for each of us. What exactly that is, I do not know, but it feels right.

For what it is worth, I believe that Heavenly Father made me gay. I know myself enough to know that I would not have chosen to be gay, knowing how hard it would be to deal and live with- I am not that magnanimous. And, I believe I am exactly everything He meant for me to be. Oh, I am not perfect, so very far from being perfect, but, in the general sense, I am who He made me to be. What am I going to do with that is the real question.