Friday, August 7, 2015

Outraged, bicycles, and rain

* People are outraged by the killing of Cecil the lion. Me, too. I am more outraged, however, by the awful and senseless killing of young children by sexual predators. I cannot even wrap my mind around the fact that people do this.

And, I am outraged by  the mother who took pictures of her six year old daughter (who had no clothing on), then showed these pictures to men and/or sold them for $100 a copy.

Yes, I am outraged with the killing of Cecil the lion, but I am so more outraged by the vicious and cruel things done by people to innocent children.

* I wish people would learn how to drive. Some bozo brain from Idaho turned left in front of me when it was clearly my road. He and I both slammed on our brakes and by inches, we were spared from a horrific car accident. I felt like getting out of my car and pummeling him. Sheesh. He took thirteen years off my life.

* The Tour of Utah bicycle race ran right by my home the other day. It was eventful and exciting to see all the cyclists. I am glad that no one turfed it here like they did coming through Trappers Loop. It looked like about thirteen cyclists were involved in that crash. Riding 50-55 miles per hour then abruptly meeting concrete with nothing to protect you is a major owie. Their riding kits were torn and mangled but that was nothing compared to the cuts and scrapes the riders took on. Cycling is the number one most dangerous sport. I can see why after witnessing one of those biking accidents.

* Wow, when it rains, it pours. The water was so deep that cars were half covered.