Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Revelation, policy, and pneumonia

* While I was a young lass, still I remember the revelation of 1978 when the Blacks received the priesthood. Every major channel in Utah was pre-empted and saturated for then-president of the Church, President Spencer W. Kimball's announcement.

He spoke about how, through divine revelation, the answer had finally come from Heaven for every worthy black individual to receive all blessings related to the priesthood of God. Copies of the revelation were shown in local newspapers and, it seemed, every news broadcast for hours to come spoke about the new revelation, what it meant, how it was received, why it was received, how both black and white members of the Church felt about the revelation, etc. By the end of that day, June 9, 1978, it seemed we knew every detail about that revelation.

As I compare that revelation to this latest "revelation" (so named by Elder Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve several weeks later to the millennials in Hawaii, in a fireside setting) "received" by President Monson regarding the children of gay people not being allowed to receive baptism and the reasons there for, I see many, many differences:

1) There was no President Monson on the television talking about this remarkable revelation to the media, where it was received, the reasons why the revelation came, how he felt about it, what it all exactly meant, etc;
2) There was no high-ranking member of either the Quorum or First Presidency talking about it the day it came out to the media;
3) There would have been no need for John Dehlin to leak it to the media because the First Presidency would have beaten him to the punch and would have been talking about it themselves to the media;
4) This "newest" revelation would have been spoken about either in the media or, at the least General Conference so that a large number of saints, and not just a few hundred (?) Millennials would have heard about it;
5) It would not have been weeks until this "new" revelation was actually identified to members, any members of the Church, as a revelation;
6) If this truly has been a revelation, it would not have needed to go to Church leaders in an almost hidden, secret manner- hasn't the Savior, himself, said he does nothing in secret for the benefit of man?- Which leads those with minds who can reason to believe it is, at most, a policy change and not a revelation?;
7) And, the list probably goes on and on.

Which all leaves this gay, female member of the Church to believe that since the differences between these two "revelations" and how they were "given" to the world are so great, one simply has to be a revelation and one simply has to be a policy revision. It is fairly easy to tell the difference between the two, don't you reckon?

* It feels good to be among the living again. For the past month, I have been deathly ill with pneumonia. If not for the great and consistent loving care from my family, and if not for a father and brother living worthy to use the priesthood to bless me and rebuke my illness, I likely would not be here. I am equally humbled and touched by Heaven's great love for me.