Sunday, May 22, 2016

Collective cleanliness, purity, and light

I have been thinking about a passage of scripture from the Pearl of Great Price. Enoch had been having a long discussion with God about the creation of the earth and other happenings. Enoch then saw God crying, which surprised him. He said, "You created worlds without end. You are powerful and great. But, you are crying. How come?"

God answered, "I gave commandment that they should love each other. But, they hate their own."

If our hatred towards each other makes God- the most supreme and powerful being in the universe- weep, then that should tell us that this is not how He wants us treating each other. He is unhappy when children are abused, molested, or hurt. He is unhappy when we treat each other with lies, ugliness, violence, and depravity. He does not want us to behave like this, but, we do. It makes me very sad. Perhaps the key is to keep trying to combat these mean evils through goodness and purity?

I think often about an experience from my mission. We were teaching a woman about the gospel. She often commented that she liked when we came to her home and taught her because she felt there was something different about us, that when she looked into our eyes, she saw cleanliness, light, and purity.

I am hoping tonight that it is that very kind of collective cleanliness, light, and purity that will help elevate the world against the evil and harshness out there. My mind is weary because of the turmoil I feel, but I take comfort in that thought.